How to link WikiTree family trees to GEDmatch DNA results
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How to Link WikiTree to GEDmatch

If you want to link your family tree to your DNA results, then you’ll want to link your WikiTree to GEDmatch, and this video will show you how.

How to Link GEDmatch to Family Tree on Wikitree

What are the basic steps for linking your WikiTree to GEDmatch?

There are three relatively simple steps for connecting your WikiTree family tree to your GEDmatch kit. They are:

  1. Add your GEDmatch kit number to Wikitree
  2. Update the settings in GEDmatch
  3. Delete a GEDmatch kit from Wikitree

As simple as these steps sound, I typically forget the steps when I tell people to go and do it. So, I made a video to remind myself and help you step-by-step to link your WikiTree family tree to your DNA kit on GEDmatch.

Once you have linked your DNA results to your online family tree, you can view the trees on the GEDmatch “one-to-many” tool to evaluate your DNA with other platform users.

What is GEDmatch?

GEDmatch is a freemium website that allows you to compare autosomal DNA information between different genetic testing companies. You can compare your Ancestry kit to my 23andMe kit and visa versa.

What is WikiTree?

WikiTree is a free genealogy website where you can work on a singular worldwide family tree by collaborating with other researchers, while also contributing to your own personal family tree.

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