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In White Christmas, Danny Kaye croons “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing.” I love to dance but I’ll have to disagree. At RootsTech, some of my favorite moments happened while eating!

One of the best parts of a conference is the opportunity to network. I had made contact with Melissa Finlay after seeing her family’s entry for the Innovator Showdown.

Little Family Tree RootsTech Showdown 2016
Watch this video on YouTube.

Unfortunately, their Little Family Tree game app didn’t make the semifinals. But, I really like the pull technology they are promoting.  The app has a gallery of games for young children to play with their family heritage information pulled from

Little Family Tree App Games
The Game Gallery on  LittleFamilyTree

The pull part of these games requires content (stories, photos, and facts) to be attached to your relatives on FamilySearch. If you try to play a game, Little Family Tree will let you know when you need more content to improve the game. See.. pull technology.

I have an interview with Melissa’s husband about this app and more on FamilyHistoryFanatics in a few weeks. You’ll want to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss that interview! the app.

But lunch wasn’t about the app. Lunch was about bonding as mothers who homeschool and also about our passion for genealogy. We talked about so many other things while chowing down. It was such a joy and I have a new friend in the genealogy sphere.

Manger’s Specials at Comfort Inn

For the second year in a row, we stayed a short distance away from the Salt Palace at Comfort Inn. What we love about the Comfort Inn is the Manager’s Special on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. The special involves free drinks and appetizers. After hustling all day and a wonderful lunch from the Salt Palace vendors, all I needed was a few appetizers to fill me up.

But the best thing about the social gathering is the social part. Other conference attendees were enjoying themselves and we gathered to discuss our favorite classes (well, their favorite classes as I hadn’t attended any on the first day. Praise the Lord for the streaming post conference and handouts). We chatted about the things we love about genealogy, the things that frustrate us, and the things we’d like to see in the future. These chats are rarely with the ‘celebrities’ of genealogy or reality TV but they’re some treasured memories. Unfortunately, I forget to take photos to remember the people I meet at these socials. But perhaps it’s just as well.

As you can see, some of my best moments happened while stuffing my face! Irving Berling, you wrote a great song for a great movie, but in this case, you’re wrong!

The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing - Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen
Watch this video on YouTube.

Just in case you wanted to hear Danny Kaye croon the song that this post centers around. Click the video link above!

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