Meet Some Genealogy Rock Stars During RootsTech 2018

, Meet Some Genealogy Rock Stars During RootsTech 2018

In 2016, I attended RootsTech and found that finding my favorite genealogists in the massive Salt Palace Conference center was so difficult. The genealogy rock stars were teaching, networking, dashing in different directions, and I had trouble finding one particular blogging icon. Having had this experience, I wanted to make it possible to lock down an hour with some of my favorite genealogy folks for you if you’ll stop by my booth #1952 at RootsTech!

To kick off the Meet & Greet, each genealogy rock star will have a 10-minute interview for the Family History Fanatics YouTube channel. Once that’s over, you get to take over the meeting

If you have a topic you’d like me to ask of any of these folks, let me know in the comments section below. Otherwise, Andy, Caleb, and I will ask about topics we know these folks enjoy sharing their knowledge on.

So, stop by, say hi, and take photos with your genealogy rock stars.

While you’re at booth #1952, be sure to participate in TWO drawings.

1. Family History Fanatics Drawing –

We’ll be giving away a TV (that must be taken home on Saturday!) among other educational prizes. The drawing will take place Saturday at 2 pm. Come to our booth to register.

2.  GBA.BUZZ Scavenger Hunt

Scan the QR Code at our booth and enter to win a prize from one of 16 vendors in the Expo Hall. To learn more about the GBA.BUZZ Scavenger Hunt, watch this video:

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Meet Some Genealogy Rock Stars During RootsTech 2018

  1. RootsTech 2018
    Just returned from RootsTech, the monster genealogy convention in Salt Lake City. The presentations and exhibitors were amazing, as were the keynote speakers. Jason Hewlett, the emcee for the week was exceptionally good. The presenters were world-class, and material offered greatly beneficial.
    The breakout sessions, which ranged from 14-20 per time slot, offered an amazing breadth of subject matter, and presenters were among the best in the industry from all over the world.
    The paper syllabus (at $50), was nearly 2 inches thick as was heavy enough to throw out a shoulder. The $10 thumb drive was far preferable.
    The RootsTech smartphone app was excellent but failed to integrate with the live event sufficient enough to inform the user that a given breakout session was already full, forcing 10-15 minute walks in the opposite direction to try and find an open session- only to be turned away again.
    The Salt Palace is certainly a world-class facility, on par with any of the conventions centers in the USA. It is clean, well-lit, and well maintained.
    Getting into breakout sessions was a bit of a fiasco with the new scanning of individual name-tags for every session. Lines to get into sessions blocked the main thoroughfare creating gridlock at times, and it was often necessary to arrive in the line up to an hour before the start of a session in order to get in, as attendees who skipped the earlier time slot session were already waiting in line for upcoming sessions. Some sessions actually had empty seats, even though the door monitors refused entry, as their scanning software said the session was full.
    Food lines at lunchtime were horrendous, also blocking the main convention center aisle for those simply trying to exit sessions, move to the Expo, or even leave the facility.
    Overall, the event was exceptionally good, and I will return, provided the planners address these issues. By all means:
    * Upgrade the RootsTech app to provide instantaneous information on breakout sessions, i.e., inform users of the app that a session is full so attendees are not wandering around a huge facility looking for an open session, only to use up the entire time slot, never finding a session to attend;
    * Allow attendees to select their breakout sessions at the time of online registration (or at any time after registering, but before the actual conference), so as to guarantee a seat for those who have the foresight to pre-register into breakout sessions, then allow for sufficient additional seating for those who make their breakout decisions after arriving for the conference;
    * DO NOT prevent people from entering breakout sessions early- this created terrible human traffic gridlock in the main aisles of the facility; DO NOT have the lines to enter sessions extend out into the main aisle of the convention center- this was horrible!
    * I noticed that the Food Vendor area INSIDE the EXPO arena was completely empty! BIG MISTAKE! Move the food, i.e. lunch vendors OUT OF THE MAIN EXPO AISLE, so that the lunch lines don't block the entire event, shutting down foot traffic in the main aisle completely.
    * Move all of the vendors who had booths in the main aisle out of that thoroughfare, and either into the EXPO area or someplace where the lines those vendors create don't cause gridlock in the main aisle of the convention center;

    * Add at least one additional RootsTech information booth closer to the N. Temple entrance so that attendees are not forced to try and navigate the main aisle all the way to the far end of the facility just to ask RootsTech related questions.
    * Plan on sufficient custodial personnel to ensure that restroom facilities remain clean and fully stocked.
    Finally, RootsTech was an awesome experience- great event- will plan on returning- BUT, fix the issues listed above.

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