New York Photographer to speak at RootsTech

Brandon Stanton Humans of New York to Appear at RootsTech 2018

What would you do if you lost your job?

Most people would look for a new one, but when Brandon Stanton became unemployed, he decided to pursue a different angle. He began photographing people in New York, and putting them on his Facebook page, “Humans of New York.” Along the way, he began publishing quotes, and then stories from the people he photographed. He gained a following on his Facebook page and other social media platforms. He eventually published an anthology, called Humans of New York.

Humans of New York the Book
courtesy of Amazon.

Today, Brandon has a huge following across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among other social media channels. He has his own blog and several books, including Humans of New York, Humans of New York: Stories, and Little Humans. In addition to photographing in New York, he has also gone to countries such as Jordan, Pakistan, India, Ukraine, and Kenya.

Brandon Stanton to Keynote at RootsTech 2018
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And now, Brandon Stanton is coming to RootsTech 2018! He has spent the past 7(ish) years capturing people’s memories, a skill that we genealogists appreciate. Expect to hear about memory keeping and its importance. We’ll see you there!

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