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Why Use Pinterest For Genealogy?

While researching for the best technology tools to use as a genealogist, I thought, “Why would anyone use Pinterest for genealogy?” Genealogists need methods to organize their discoveries, research, and discoveries so I read blog posts and watched YouTube videos. I learned that Pinterest organizes photos, quotes, tips, training from blog posts, YouTube videos, and […]

28 Days of Genealogy Fun

Join us for 28 Days of Genealogy Fun on YouTube with your favorite cast of characters and educators from Family History Fanatics. You should laugh and learn and then share all the fun using the hashtag #28DaysGenealogy. Here’s the schedule: The links go live on the day posted. Stay tuned for more links. 28 November […]

Use Keywords in Newspaper Research to Find Genealogy Gold

Are you struggling to find genealogy gold in newspapers? Try using keywords in your newspaper research. By searching for places, names, and topics, rather than a specific person, you can find some amazing details to enhance your family history. Where to add keywords in newspaper research When using, you simply add your keywords, rather […]

Downsize Your Unnecessarily Large Family Tree

Though it may seem sacrilegious to ask, “Do you need to downsize the unnecessarily large family tree that you’re attempting to maintain across multiple platforms and/or in a genealogy software program?” If you have a family tree that is upwards of 10,000 people, you need to consider downsizing your tree to become laser-focused on quality […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Texas State Genealogy Conference

With the increase of online learning opportunities, why should you spend your time traveling to a genealogy conference, especially Texas? Learn five reasons why you should plan to attend the Texas State Genealogical Society Family History Conference October 11-13, at the Omni Houston Hotel Westside in Katy, Texas.  1. Expand Your Genealogy Knowledge A genealogy […]