RootsTech Streaming Schedule and How to Plan Ahead

RootsTech 2018 Live Stream Schedule

If you’re unable to attend RootsTech, this is a happy announcement. The schedule of 19 general sessions and class sessions have been released for your at home viewing pleasure! To view the RootsTech live stream, visit on the day of the broadcast. No registration is required to view the live streams.

If you’re attending RootsTech, the following is a list of classes that you can watch when you return home from the conference, so I’d advise you not to attend the class live. This helps you have more bang for your conference dollars!

Live streams should be recorded and made available for replay following the conference. You’ll access the replays via the RootsTech conference. And for those who like live streams, these won’t have chat rooms, so you’ll have to use Twitter at the hashtag #NotAtRootsTech to interact with those who are watching from home.

In addition to sharing the schedule, I’ll share a few tips and suggestions!

Wednesday, February 28
9:30 AM Family History in 5 Minutes a Day
11:00 AM DNA – One Family, One World (Sponsored by LivingDNA)
1:30 PM Organizing and Preserving Photograph Collections
3:00 PM Finding the Answers: The Basics of WWII Research
4:30 PM Wednesday General Session and Innovation Showcase

Wednesday’s live stream focuses on innovation, quick genealogy tasks, military research, and preserving photos. Hooray! I love the last topic so much. Preserve the photos. Preserve the photos!!!!

The Family History in 5 Minutes a Day is also offered on the Getting Started Track on Thursday, March 11th.

The Organizing and Preserving Photograph Collections class is also offered on the Getting Started Track on Thursday, March 11th.

If you have a Getting Started Pass, the only non-streamed class available on Thursday at 11 am is Collaboration: A Hat for Everyone. You’ll want to get there early to get a seat in this class as many will attend it as the other two sessions will be streamed.

For RootsTech attendees, an advanced Word War II class will take place at 4:30 pm this same day. However, you’ll have to prepare to jog from the Ballrooms to room 251 E. Thankfully you’re rooms are not in the 255 area. That would need running shoes!

Thursday, March 1
8:30 AM
Thursday General Session – Humans of New York photographer
Brandon Stanton
11:00 AM MyHeritage DNA 101: From Test to Results
(Sponsored by MyHeritageDNA)
1:30 PM Google Photos: Collect, Organize, Preserve & Share
3:00 PM Unlocking Roman Catholic records (Sponsored by FindMyPast)
4:30 PM A Gift of Life: Who’s Writing Your Story?

Thursday’s live stream fits nicely with the theme created by Humans of New York photographer Brandon Stanton – capturing and writing stories of our lives. That’s why the Google Photos and the Writing Your Story classes are well selected for these sessions. Through in Roman Catholic records and DNA and you have a wonderful session!

Be advised that the Google Photos class that is streamed is also offered as a Getting Started Pass class on Friday at 3 PM. As is MyHeritage DNA 101. If you want a class that isn’t streamed and is on the Getting Started Pass, your option is the Creating a website on session.

The Roman Catholic and Writing Your Story classes are only offered once, and they are streamed.

Friday, March 2
8:30 AM Friday General Session – Scott Hamilton
11:00 AM Findmypast’s British & Irish Hidden Gems (Sponsored by FindMyPast)
1:30 PM Finding the Right DNA Test for You
3:00 PM How Not to Leave Your Genealogy Behind
4:30 PM Finding Elusive Records at FamilySearch

Recently returned from South Korea, Scott Hamilton will kick off Friday! Being that he’s a skater and a cancer survivor, he doesn’t lead to a specific theme for the streaming the way Brandon does on Thursday. Not to worry, preservation, DNA, and methodology will keep the streaming interesting.

I mentioned the “How Not to Leave Your Genealogy Behind” class as one you should see when I posted the 10 Preservation Track Classes. Well, it’s being taught by Amy Johnson Crow and Curtis Witcher. So, RootsTech also thought you’d like to see it! Amy is an experienced teacher and has had her classes streamed from RootsTech in previous years.

The “Finding Elusive Records at FamilySearch” will be offered on the Discovery Day Track on Saturday at 4 PM. Alternatives for those with that pass who don’t want to attend a class they can see online are: FamilySearch Tools for Advanced Users and Consultant Class: Living Memory Discovery Experiences.

Other than the FamilySearch class, the sessions streamed on Friday are only offered once on the RootsTech schedule.

Saturday, March 3
8:30 AM Friday General Session – Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Natalia Lafourcade
11:00 AM Civil Registration Indexes of England and Wales
1:30 PM Advancing Your Genealogy Research with DNA
(Sponsored by AncestryDNA)
3:00 PM Pain in the Access: More Web for Your Genealogy

Saturday will feature a genealogy tv personality and a musician. Following their opening entertainment, viewers at home will learn about British Research, DNA, and methodology with a repeat streamer! That’s right, Curtis Witcher will return to the live stream schedule with his class Pain in the Access. (By the way, that title is pretty clever!)

These three sessions will be offered only once on the RootsTech schedule.


Wednesday 11:00 AM DNA – One Family, One World
Thursday 11:00 AM MyHeritage DNA 101: From Test to Results
Friday 1:30 PM Finding the Right DNA Test for You
Saturday 1:30 PM Advancing Your Genealogy Research with DNA

I highlighted the DNA schedule for those who are heavily invested in learning about genetic genealogy. Be advised that these sessions are sponsored content and will focus on specific companies: Living DNA, MyHeritage DNA, FamilyTree DNA, and AncestryDNA. There’s nothing wrong with the sponsored content, but if you’re #NotARootsTech and want to watch videos about the comparison of the DNA companies, you’d better go over to our YouTube Channel.

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

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  1. I’m trying to access the Wed Live Stream. All I can find at is the livestream schedule. How to I actually access the live stream?

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