RT: Thank Goodness for the Media Hub

, RT: Thank Goodness for the Media Hub

As stated in “Using My Privilege for You,” I focused on using my Ambassador status to serve you. To accomplish those goals, I used the Media Hub a little bit. There were charging stations for my phone and computer that needed constant resupplying. I had an ethernet cable to upload my videos to YouTube without using wi-fi. Oh sweet blessing! And, I made more friends. I loved the Hub!

The Media Hub had numerous places for Ambassadors to interview the keynote speakers, major sponsors, or each other. The Media Hub Staff helped Ambassadors arrange such interview. This year I didn’t take advantage of those perks as much I could have. Depending upon what you’d like me to cover in 2018, I might change my strategy. (So be sure to leave a comment below regarding the reporting I’ve done and what you’d like to have Andy and I do next year.)

This year, I felt strongly to focus on bringing the #NotAtRootsTech crowd the sights, sounds, and conversations from the vendor hall. My business background knew that the vendors would LOVE increased publicity, so I set out to serve both groups.  Also, vendors spend significant funds on branding and signage. They need people to know about their company, more than their business was at RootsTech. So, I opted for interviews at booths rather than the hub.

Interviewing Lisa Louise Cooke at her booth with her branding!
Yes, I think this looks better. What do you think?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t always capture the vendors when the Expo Hall was empty. Some of the videos on FamilyHistoryFanatics.com have a lot of background noise. Scott Fisher, of ExtremeGenes, said folks would love the noisy because he shares the excitement of the expo hall. I hope you think he’s right!  If we’re invited to return next yer, Andy and I will find solutions that improve the sound quality while working the Expo and Conference floors.

If  Conference Planners want the Family History Fanatics to return for RootsTech 2018:

  • What would you like to see covered to remember from your time onsite or the watch from home? 
  • Who do you want us to interview? 
  • Who should we spotlight? 
  • What do you want to see to remember the RootsTech experience or feel apart of it if you can’t make the trip? 

The other great thing about the Media Hub is being able to visit with genealogy blogging friends. I was able to visit with my Aussie friend Jill Ball. Jill befriended me because Andy gave an excellent lecture last year. We chatted about her audio editing this past year (or her desire to but not accomplished just yet).

, RT: Thank Goodness for the Media Hub
My Geneablogging Buddy Jill Ball
(Yes, this is not from the Media Hub. I failed in my photo op duties there. Sorry.)

But then, she asked me about my latest book. You see, I’m a part of a wonderful Facebook community who gave me feedback about the cover design. She wanted to know if I had a copy because she wanted to buy it. Oh, Jill, that’s for being my very first sale!!!

Randy Seaver snapped this photo of Andy and I preparing videos and preparing for further interviews in the Media Hub.
Thanks, Randy! I often forgot to take photos of me working!!!

I also met some other wonderful bloggers and watched the FamilySearch Media Hub staff work their t-a-i-l-s off! I hope they got the Monday after RootsTech off as a thank you for their service. Amazing folks. All with the desire to help content creators capture and deliver the stories you most want to read.

, RT: Thank Goodness for the Media Hub
Thanks, Amy and Crew! Y’all are TRULY, TRULY amazing! 

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