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5 Videos to Help You Understand Ancestry ThruLines

With Ancestry ThruLines, you can combine your DNA results with member trees to generate possible paths of relationships between you and your DNA matches. The following videos help explain this innovative yet confusing tool for your genealogy toolbox. 1. Ancestry ThruLine Basics Discover how to access your ThruLines from your DNA Discovery Pages and your […]

How to transfer information from Ancestry to FamilySearch

Are you confused about how to transfer your information between two online trees, namely FamilySearch and Ancestry? You’re not alone and it’s time to talk about how to keep the trees somewhat compatible. Terry wrote, “I’m a relative newcomer to this. I have some info stored on, but want to transfer it to FamilySearch. […]

How to handle people posting facts on that are not true? member trees provide a useful platform to share genealogical data. However, not everything in an online tree is accurate and you shouldn’t accept information without validation. What do you do when you encounter individuals who post inaccurate information in online trees? Double check the accuracy of all information before you add it to your […]

Adding Clippings to

When you use, you can gather articles and entries you discover about your ancestors into a clippings file. Since is a subsidiary of, the coolest feature is that you can then save those newspaper clippings to your Ancestry tree. Finding newspaper clippings on is pretty cool. Thus far, I have found […]