Genealogy Video Round-Up ~ 12 April 2019

Genealogy Video Round Up

Another week has passed, and genealogy videos on YouTube are definitely worth investigating. Be sure to watch, comment, like, and share!

Genealogy Tips

When you are going through an ancestor’s paperwork. Check everything!

Genetic Genealogy

An overview of the GEDmatch Genesis One-to-May Tool


Live-stream Replay

Learn about the Hidden History of Homestead, Pennsylvania

Webinar and Seminar Replays

From the BYU Family History Library Series –
Preserve Your Family History in Fun and Modern Ways


Additional Video Fun Finds

If you have know of videos we missed, drop a link in the comments.

FYI: Videos that make this list allow commenting and have audio and video content.

Family History Fanatics

Family History Fanatics

Andy, Devon Noel, and Caleb Lee are the Family History Fanatics who have been excited about genealogy for over 40 years, collectively. We have a top rated YouTube channel in the genealogy niche and continue to grow every day. Andy and Devon travel to conferences to teach in person, join webinars that others put on, and host and promote their own virtual genealogy conferences. We also have published seven books on genealogy, DNA, and memory keeping. In short, we're everywhere you want to learn, Blog, Video, Print, and Conferences! Support us by visiting to learn more.

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