DNA Painting, Southern Genealogy, and more. #genealogy #education #youtube

DNA Painting and More in the Genealogy Video Round-Up

This week’s genealogy video round-up features an explanation of what DNA painting is and how to use it in your genealogy research. Additional videos include tips on how to best utilize the 1860 US Census and solving a tough genealogy case. Let’s get started.

Genealogy Research Videos

Becoming a better researcher begins with knowing what you don’t know. This week’s genealogy video round-up helps you overcome that hurdle! Beginners and intermediate researchers will appreciate these new releases.

Tips for Researching Your Southern Ancestors - Interview with Amy Carpenter
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Genetic Genealogy

Everyone must know all there is to know about genetic genealogy as few new videos on the subject have hit the YouTube feed. However, Andy has two great videos for you to view.

First up is the one explaining how DNA painting works and how to use it in your genealogy.

An Overview of DNA Painting - How to Color Your DNA
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This next video discusses the problem of having so many DNA matches with small cM segments. Are they true matches? Andy explains.

How many of those small segments are actual matches? - A Segment of DNA
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History Videos

When we add historical context to our research, we understand our relatives better and know more about the things in our home. These two historically related videos accomplish those goals.

This week's genealogy video round features DNA Painting, Southern Genealogy, and more. #genealogy #education #youtube
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